September 5, 2008

Hollywood Feminist of the Day: Charlize Theron

I couldn't be more psyched to see her new film The Burning Plain that is now in competition at the Venice Film Festival which stars Theron and Kim Basinger. She produced the film and in a press conference stuck up for the pathetic lack of opportunities for actresses as the age.

Theron recommended Basinger for The Burning Plain and explained: "Right from the beginning we had a discussion about who we thought would play this role. There was a list, because there are only nominal actresses of that age. They are great actresses.
"Kim is amazing. There is a strength about Kim now, at her age, more than when she was working in her 30s. She has a left-over vulnerability from her 20s that you can really see."
Venice Film Festival 2008: Charlize Theron salutes film actresses over fifty (The Telegraph)
Theron embraces producing role (BBC)
photo: Albert L. Ortega PR/Photos