June 28, 2008

Women at the Box Office This Weekend

Everybody's been talking about Wall-E and I have to say that I might be the only one in the country no interest in seeing this film. I remember seeing a preview and ignoring it thinking that it was a commercial.

I am kind of interested in seeing the Angelina Jolie flick Wanted since we don't see women kick ass often, but the previews are really violent with tons of gun action. Speaking of guns, Jolie now wears a gun charm around her neck which was a gift from her partner Brad Pitt which he had made for her after their son Maddox drew it. Yuck. Angelina, aren't you a peace activist? Do you wear the gun to your UN humanitarian missions in countries where you meet with women who have been raped by men and their guns? Take it off. It sends a really bad message.

Also on tap this weekend is French director Catherine Breillat's new period piece The Last Mistress in limited release. Having missed the screening I can't give any assessment and I am embarrassed to admit that I have never seen one of her films. I have added her to my netflix list and will be hopefully catching up on her work.

Brick Lane expands into the SF, Chicago, and Boston areas. Read my review and some comments from director Sarah Gavron
Kit Kittredge (review and quotes from the producer and director next week) stays in limited release in cities with American Girl doll stores before it expands to 1800 theatres on July 2.

This weekend on my list are Trumbo the documentary about the blacklisted writer (because I am obsessed with the blacklist) and Mongol about Genghis Kahn cause every single review has been spectacular.

Remaining in Theatres
My Blueberry Nights
Sex and the City
Baby Mama
Under the Same Moon