June 23, 2008

Expired- directed by Cecilia Miniucchi

When I started writing this site I decided that I would try and get information out about as many films by and about women that I could. I also decided that I would not write about films I didn't like that were directed by women because I'm not interested in writing about things that I can't support. I made that decision because I'm not a paid daily reviewer and don't feel that obligation to see and review everything.

I'm still sticking with my position but I will make sure to give information on other women's films opening even if I don't review it or write about it.

Here's a NY Times piece on Cecilia Miniucchi thw writer/director of Expired which opened in limited release last weekend. Miniucchi has been influenced by one of pioneering female directors, Lina Wertmuller.

Low-Cost Film With Friends in High Places (NY Times)