June 26, 2008

Jon Stewart -- Where are the Women?

I'm a big fan of Jon Stewart's Daily Show. I try to watch it as much as I can. But when I saw the new correspondent Wyatt Cenac it made me realize that hardly any women are on the air (except a couple of guests) on The Daily Show. What's up with that?

The show was started by Lizz Winstead and Madeline Smithberg way back in the day before Jon Stewart got involved, but I haven't been feeling the love lately. Samantha Bee hasn't been on in ages (did she have another kid?) and I've seen Kristin Schaal once or twice in the last six months mostly acting like a complete idiot.

Does anyone know how many of the writers are women? Please don't tell me they can't find any funny women to be correspondents on the show.

Has anyone else noticed?