June 27, 2008

Rod Lurie Loses All Feminist Credibility

Rod Lurie used to be the feminist guy in Hollywood. No more. He had good credentials. He was the guy who brought us the first potential female Vice President on film in The Contender (which I recently saw again and still love), and did bring us the first female President on TV in Commander in Chief and has an upcoming film Nothing but the Truth based on the Judith Miller saga. BUT now he goes ahead and creates a show for Showtime Hilary Jones about a LA vice cop who moonlights on the weekend as a legal prostitute in Nevada. Double yuck.

He knows he's in trouble with the women when he gave this quote:

"I hope it doesn't obliterate my credentials with women," he quipped about "Hilary Jones." "I imagine feminists will have us in their cross hairs, but once they see it, they will realize it is very warm and humanizing." (Hollywood Reporter)
Note to Rod: Credentials officially obliterated.