December 17, 2008

Looking for Some Music Done by Women Over 45?

It seems that the music business like other forms of entertainment are dominated by the young ones.

Pop Matters takes a look at the best music released this year from women over 45. Support these artists.

America’s hyper-obsession with youth has taken over the music charts. This is especially true if you are female. The adage in the music industry now is that if a woman doesn’t have a hit by the time she’s 22 years old, she should probably look for another career.

That’s obviously a load of blarney. There are a multitude of great female artists making great music who are more than twice that age. These women are not on a comeback, have not matured or ripened, or whatever other cliché one might use. For the most part, they have had consistently strong careers full of wonderful recordings and have kept on making great records.
Here's the list:
Sam Phillips
Joan Baez
Bonnie Bramlett
Carlene Carter
Kathy Mattea
Aimee Mann
Phoebe Snow
Emmylou Harris
Patti Labelle
Juana Molina

Learn more about these women. In Praise of Older Women: The Best Records of 2008 by Women 45 Years Old and Over (Pop Matters)