December 16, 2008

Help Support Women & Hollywood

Friends and Readers-

Thank you for all your support in 2008. It's pledge time here at Women & Hollywood. Women & Hollywood has come very far this year. The site has been mentioned in a variety of publications and websites from Newsweek to EW to USA Today. We are all creating a conversation about women and pop culture that is so needed, and I look forward to many more interesting conversations.

If you enjoy the weekly update and find the blog helpful and education, please think about supporting the work. There are many costs associated with blogging -- not including the research and writing. I believe in this work passionately (that's why I do it for free) and I am asking for your help to offset the expenses.

Anything you can do would be most appreciated. There is a button on the top right hand side of the site where you can make a donation. Tax deductible donations are also accepted. Please email me (there is an email button on the top left hand side of the site) if you want more information about that.

Thanks for reading and for your constant support.