December 17, 2008

Hollywood Feminist of the Day: Liv Ullmann

For standing up for women and children in 20 years of work with the UN Commission on Refugee and Children (which she helped found).

Here's some quotes from recent op-ed Ullmann wrote in the Boston Globe:

AS THE global financial and economic crisis continues to throw countless numbers of people out of work, millions of refugee women and girls in developing countries continue to toil at a task that is not only arduous but extremely dangerous: collecting firewood to cook meals for their families.

For thousands of these impoverished women and girls, gathering firewood is more than a vital chore - it is often a matter of life and death. By doing what many of us achieve by simply turning on a stove, refugee women and girls regularly fall victim to rape, assault, theft, exploitation, and even murder.
Happy 70th birthday!

Making life safer for refugee women
(Boston Globe)

Hat Tip: Green Cine Daily