October 1, 2008

Women's Films on DVD

A bunch of really great movies have come out on DVD in the last couple of weeks and I've been remiss in not giving you an update.

Sex and the City- got some numbers from the UK DVD release from last week and the film sold 920,000 units making it the BIGGEST seller of the year. Waiting for US numbers.

Finn's Girl- The folks at Wolfe video are the pre-eminent distributors of gay & lesbian films. I've seen two of their very different recent releases - Finn's Girl and Itty Bitty titty Committee and am happy to report liked them both. Here's my review of Itty Bitty titty Committee. I'm sure you haven't heard of Finn's Girl, I hadn't before it was sent to me. It's a film that I can pretty much say would never get made here in the US. It's about a female abortion provider in Canada who is struggling to keep her head above the water after the death of her partner from breast cancer. She is also struggling to raise their daughter on the brink of adolescence. I thought the film was a bit slow at times, but it was so brave and political. It dealt with the realities that abortion providers face (i.e. violence). Watch the trailer here: You can also purchase the film here, or get it on netflix.

Baby Mama- It sucks that we have to wait until the end of this month for the new season of 30 Rock to see some more Tina Fey (unless she shows up at SNL again), so this film can help tide you over.

14 Women- Documentary by Mary Lambert about the women serving in the Senate (there are 16 now)

The She Found Me- It took Helen Hunt 10 years to make her directorial debut with Then She Found Me, but boy was it worth the wait. A beautiful and moving film, it tells the story of April Epner a 39-year-old schoolteacher who longs to have have her own child, but time is running out. Read my full review

Water Lilies- check out my interview with director Celine Sciamma