October 3, 2008

Casting Notes

  • Hilary Swank to star in Betty Anne Waters, about a single mother who worked her way through law school in order to free her brother, who was wrongfully convicted of murder. Script by Pamela Gray, and Swank will be executive producer.
  • Helen Mirren will play Mossad agent, Rachel Singer, who lied about killing a Nazi in The Debt (BBC)
  • Keira Knightley is in negotiations to play Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald in The Beautiful and the Damned. from a script by Hanna Weg.
  • Anne Hathaway has been cast as a commitment-phobic attorney who finds her well-constructed life coming apart in The Opposite of Love. Film is based on the bestselling debut novel by Julie Buxbaum and will be adapted by Kara Holden. (Variety)
  • Claire Danes is in negotiations to star in HBO's biopic of Temple Grandin, a leading speaker on autism, animal expert and author.