September 9, 2008

The New TV Season

I am a huge TV addict. There I've said it. I used to be ashamed but no more. I love the box that is the TV. September is my favorite month of the year for TV. All the new TV shows start and I excitedly dive into EW and TV Guide to pick the shows I want to watch. While being a TV addict, I am still picky and there are shows that I have no interest in -- all of reality TV, and many of the stupid guy sitcoms. Just keep in mind that this season could be a big bust because development was stunted by the writer's strike. Here's what I am looking forward to this season:

Fringe: (Fox, 9pm Tuesdays, starts tonight)
J.J. Abrams writes some strong women. Think Alias. His new show (which I really can't figure out what it is about at all) stars Aussie newcomer Anna Torv. I read that it is like a mixture of Alias, The X-Files and Bones. And any show that has Blair Brown as a co-star (with a mechanical arm) gets a couple of watchings from me.

Here's what Abrams told TV Guide about writing strong women:

It's funny because I don't consciously write strong women. I just hopefully write strong characters who may happen to be women. If Olivia were a guy, I don't think you'd be saying, "oh, it's a strong male."
The New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS, Wednesdays, 8pm)
If you don't watch this show you are missing out. Julia Louise Dreyfus is brilliant. The ongoing story this season that sounds hilarious is the gay marriage between Christine and her friend Barb (Wanda Sykes) to prevent Barb from being deported.

ER (NBC, Thursdays, 10pm)
In its last season the show is bringing in a big gun -- Angela Bassett is checking in as the new head of the ER. Awesome.

The Life and Times of Vivienne Wyle (Sundance, Sundays)
Ab Fab's Jennifer Saunders in a new series. Need I say more?

The Starter Wife (USA, begins 10/10 at 10pm)
Show takes up a year after the end of the mini-series. Stars Debra Messing and the amazing Judy Davis.

Shows I will watch but am not yet convinced will be good
Kath & Kim (NBC, begins 10/9 at 8:30pm)
Molly Shannon and Selma Blair star as mother and daughter (they are more like sisters in age) in the remake of the hit Australian show.

The Ex List (CBS, starts 10/3 at 9pm)
Elizabeth Reaser finally gets her own show but I hate the premise. She is told by a psychic that she has to marry within the next year or she never will. Way to freak out women. I will give it a show because of Reaser and showrunner Diane Ruggiero.

Interesting Guest Star
Mary Tyler Moore at Brooke Shields' mother on Lipstick Jungle

Other things I am thinking about:
  • I am hoping that Shonda Rhimes can get Private Practice on track cause I love all the actors on that show.
  • The aftermath of the kiss between Callie and Dr. Hahn on Grey's Anatomy.
  • Hoping that people will find Friday Night Lights on the Direct TV Channel.
  • Wondering why CBS moved Without a Trace.
  • Can't wait for the craziness that is Brother and Sisters.
  • Tina Fey whose 30 Rock is the funniest most subversive feminist show on TV.