September 10, 2008

Hollywood Feminist of the Day: Annette Bening

For standing up against Sarah Palin: (By the way, I was enormously relieved that in The Women, Bening does not at all resemble her photo on the poster. When you look at the poster for the film is looks like Bening has gotten one of those scary facelifts where your face does not movie. I am happy to report that you can see emotions on her face in the film.)

"But the idea that people, who voted for Hillary, who tend to be Democrats, would change and vote for McCain because of Sarah Palin seems to me bizarre."

"I find that an odd idea because of course Sarah Palin's politics are to the right of McCain's. She's incredibly conservative and I think it's fair to say she's more conservative than John McCain. So whether she will rally more conservative people to get out there and vote, I don't know. But most of the people I know that were interested in voting for Hillary are voting for Obama."
Obama-backer Bening pillories Palin (Vancouver Sun)