July 18, 2008

Women at the Box Office This Weekend

Opening today in wide release is the Meryl Streep musical Mamma Mia.
Here's my brief review: Just keep in mind when you see this movie -- and you should -- that the whole point of it is to let go and have fun. If you go in looking for anything serious you will be disappointed. I had a brief moment at the beginning of the film when I held my breath because it seemed so cheesy, but after a couple of minutes I just let go, relaxed and had a great time. The cast is first rate and Meryl does sing well. I loved Julie Walters as one of Meryl's best friends and former backup singers. To me, the highlight of the movie was when Meryl bared her soul to ex-lover Pierce Brosnan in The Winner Takes it All. I got a little misty. Don't leave before the credits because the whole cast does a hilarious music video all in 70s clothes. It is beyond hysterical.

Other Women-Centric Films in Theatres:
Kit Kittredge: An American Girl
The Last Mistress
Brick Lane- continues to expand in CA, FL, Atlanta, MI, Las Vegas, Cincinnati, Austin, and Milwaukee
Sex and the City
Falling for Grace- opens in Palm Springs