July 14, 2008

My Favorite Women Centric Shows Premiere Tonight

You gotta love the TNT. First, you can always watch Law & Order anytime. And tonight, in this pathetic sea of a summer, finally comes the premiere of two of my favorite shows -- The Closer and Saving Grace. Both shows totally rock and are led by two of the current TV greats, Kyra Sedgwick and Holly Hunter. I always knew that Holly Hunter was a great actress, but Kyra Sedgwick has just blossomed as Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson. The first two seasons she had a really hard time with the men under her command, but last season the team really came together and she leads them with authority and trust. I think her leadership style is quite interesting.

What I love about Brenda is that she is so kick ass as an investigator and a total disaster in her personal life. I guess disaster might be a little strong, but she has issues. Last season she got engaged to FBI agent Fritz Howard (played by Jon Tenney with a great sense of humor) and he really helps keep her calm. I love the fact that she hid her cat from her landlord because pets weren't allowed, but never could remember that the cat was a girl.

Saving Grace is a totally different story. Grace is just a whirlwind. She and the show never calm down. Holly Hunter is so skinny and little as dedicated cop Grace Hanadarko who loooves her booze and sex. She also has a guardian angel who is trying to help her deal with her ambivalence with God and her guilt over the death of her sister in the Oklahoma City terrorist bombing. Just like Rescue Me is so tied to 9-11, Saving Grace's soul is tied to the Oklahoma City bombing.

Anther interesting aspect of Saving Grace is the lifelong friendship between Grace and Rhetta, a deeply religious forensic scientist, played by Laura San Giacomo. They love each other in a non judgmental way which is rare in life, and rarer on TV. Last season they introduced Lorraine Toussaint (who starred in creator Nancy Miller's Any Day Now) as the new police captain who also has a long term friendship with Grace. All three women support each other and don't compete.

Check out my interview with Saving Grace creator Nancy Miller.

You gotta watch these shows. The Closer is on at 9 and Saving Grace at 10. Both on TNT.

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Phot credits: Holly Hunter- Jeff Riedel, Kyra Sedgwick- Focus Hollywood/PR Photos