July 17, 2008

Vanity Fair = Girls and Women in Underwear

I'm a big fan of most of the writing in Vanity Fair but I get pissed off at how they dress -- or don't dress -- the women and girls in their photos. Each month they feature an up and coming young actress in a 50s style pose in their "vanities" section and lately I've noticed that each month the picture is quite provocative. Here's their description of the section. No wonder I have a problem with it.

Since 1992, the magazine’s Vanities section has opened with a full-page portrait of a promising young star. In September 2006, we tweaked the format: the Vanities opener now features an up-and-coming actress in a 50s-style pinup shot. These shapely ingĂ©nues are on the cusp of fame or have just hit it big; they have names you need to know and faces you won’t have trouble remembering. Here’s a look at all the bombshells who’ve struck a playful pose in the new retro style.
This month's cover on the "new" Hollywood put me over the edge. The young women of the new wave were featured on the cover in their underwear, and were featured inside in lovely dresses. The young men of the new wave were fully clothes at all times. Let's remember that these young women by default get to be role models for other young women and girls.

Am I being too harsh?