November 2, 2007

November 2, 2007

Why Has I Could Never be Your Woman Not Been Released?

This Amy Heckerling written and directed film had been in the can for over a year. Several release dates have come and gone - first last May now November 9 and nothing, no info. And I have been very vigilant in trying to get to the bottom of the story but nobody is talking.

Film stars Michelle Pfeiffer as a woman who falls for the younger Paul Rudd. It doesn't seem that the typical story of the film being bad is the case here, because people who have seen it think its good.

Problem seems to be with the initial distributor Bauer Martinez who has had recent financial problems. The distributor listed on imbd is no longer handling the film and Heckerling is understandably remaining mum since she wants to get her film out.

If Amy Heckerling, one of the most talented female directors around, is having this many problems getting her film in the marketaplace with a star like Michelle Pfeiffer who had some good buzz this summer around Hairspray, what does that mean for other women directors?


There are no female directed or female-centric films being released this weekend. If you are looking for something to see I recommend Gone Baby Gone.