November 1, 2007

November 1, 2007

Hollywood is obsessed with the potential writers strike so news about Hollywood is slooow. I'll leave the reporting on that subject to everyone else.

LA Times looks at the best supporting actress category. Their picks include:
Cate Blanchett- I'm Not There
Ruby Dee- American Gangster
Olympia Dukakis- Away from Her
Romola Garai and Saoirse Ronan- Atonement
Jennifer Garner- Juno
Catherine Keener- Into the Wild
Queen Latifah- Hairspray
Jennifer Jason Leigh- Margot at the Wedding
Fernanda Montenegro- Love in the Time of Cholera
Emily Mortimer- Lars and the Real Girl
Julia Roberts- Charlie Wilson's War
Amy Ryan- Gone Baby Gone
Meryl Streep- Lions for Lambs
Tilda Swinton- Michael Clayton

These choice seem quite, light. I haven't seen all the films but my top pick so far is Amy Ryan in Gone Baby Gone.

The 10th Anniversary African-American Women in Cinema takes place in NY from November 9-11.
More information: African American Women in Cinema

Variety pieces on Laura Linney and Catherine Deneuve on the eve of their tributes at AFI Fest.
Linney Practiced in Art of Deception
Deneuve Represents French Femininity

Lesbians are everywhere on Nip/Tuck (just nowhere else on broadcast TV)
More lesbians Than Ever on Nip/Tuck (After Ellen)

Meryl Streep will star in Nora Ephron's new flick Julie & Julia based on the best-selling book. Ephron will direct her own script, Amy Adams, about to break out in this month's Enchanted, will play Julie. (Hollywood Reporter)

Eliza Dushku will star in the new Joss Whedon series, The Dollhouse about a top-secret crew programmed differently for each mission for Fox. (Variety)

Julia Roberts will co-star with Clive Owen in Duplicity a couple crime caper ala Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

The Women's Murder Club received an order for three more scripts.

Tube Tonight
That Girl, Marlo Thomas appears on Ugly Betty. (8pm, ABC)
To Die in Jerusalem- documentary that profiles the families of a Palestinian suicide bomber and his victim. (HBO, 9pm)