November 20, 2008

Macedonian Films Come to NYC

Macedonia has only been in existence since 1991, but they already have a woman who has directed a film that is her country's submission for the best foreign language film Oscar. Teona Stugar Mievska's film I Am from Titov Veles will screen in NYC on November 20 in association with the Macedonia Film Festival.

Imagine if we had to submit a film to another country for consideration. Think that film would have any chance of being directed by a woman? Nope.

Here's a description of the film:
I AM FROM TITOV VELES is a moving story of three sisters locked in a tormented relationship, and their battle to overcome an environment polluted by human negligence. Features another stunning lead performance by Labina Mitevska, who also appears in festival films Kontakt and Before the Rain.

Details on the Macedonia Film Festival which runs from November 20-23 in NYC.