November 21, 2008

Joan Cusack Gets Busy

I have loved Joan Cusack every since she wore the brace in Sixteen Candles and could never get a drink of water from the fountain. Heartbreakingly funny.

Word is that Joan is working on two new projects. Yeah. She is developing a comedy at NBC and appearing with Mae Whitman in the Lifetime original movie "Acceptance."

From the Hollywood Reporter:

The NBC project, which she is co-creating with the network and Universal Media Studios, will be based on an original idea of Cusack's. John Markus ("The Larry Sanders Show") is serving as writer/executive producer, while Cusack will produce with Julie Yen.

"Acceptance," based on the novel by Susan Coll, is a dramedy that centers on an overachieving high school student (Whitman) dealing with the stress of her senior year and applying to college. Film is directed by Sanaa Hamri ("The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2") from a script by Suzette Couture.
Joan Cusack's TV queue adds two (Hollywood Reporter)
photo: Adam Bielawski.Photorazzi