September 15, 2008

Women's Weekend Box Office Update

The good news from the weekend is that The Women, even though it was poorly reviewed, lived up to expectations grossing $10 million. The Family That Preys, the new film by Tyler Perry scored $18 million and gave the Coen Brothers a run for their money coming in a close second to their $19 million. I thought The Family That Preys was ok, a bit formulaic but loved the relationship between Kathy Bates and Alfre Woodard. The film was so much stronger when it focused on them and their friendship which managed to survive for years and the usual class and race issues. I also thought it was funny that Kathy Bates wound up in a road movie for the second time this year (she appeared in Bonneville with Jessica Lange and Joan Allen earlier this year.)

Interestingly, but not surprisingly, women bought 80% of the tickets for both The Women and The Family That Preys and African Americans bought 82% of the tickets for The Family That Preys.

Now I'm no math genius but if women bought 50% of the tickets for the other new releases this weekend like usually happens, and bought 80% of the tickets for The Women and The Family That Preys does that mean that women actually bought more movie tickets this weekend? Anyone have real data on this? Geez, I would think that would make us a market.

Also there's no stopping the Mamma Mia juggernaut overseas. After a $17.5 million weekend its take overseas is $307 million and with $139 million in domestic grosses, this film is almost at half a BILLION dollars. Extraordinary. Why aren't more people talking about this story?