September 18, 2008

Are They Back?

The Hollywood Women's Political Committee disbanded in 1997 and since then, it seems to me, that women's power as an organized entity has gone into the crapper. Just their presence and the fact that women were organized made a difference.

Looks like the ladies are regrouping this time to effect the upcoming Senate races. The new group Voices for a Senate Majority is going to raise funds to try and get a veto proof Democratic Senate.

The HWPC members involved in the new effort include: Julie Bergman Sender, Marilyn Bergman, Lara Bergthold, Barbara Corday, Pat Tourk Lee, Katie McGrath, Margery Tabankin, Sarah Timberman, Paula Weinstein, Kathy Garmezy, Susan Sprung, and Lona Williams.

Women set Democratic fund-raiser (Variety)