August 6, 2008

Why Batman Sucked

I might be the only one in the universe not to have LOVED Batman. Hollywood wanted and needed a big, big hit, but had Heath Ledger (who was really good and creepy) not unexpectedly passed away would it really be knocking on Titanic's door for the highest grossing film ever?

Here are my reasons why I thought it sucked:

1- Way too long- could have cut the last hour and it would have been way more enjoyable.

2- Christina Bale's voice. Is he a cyborg? That voice creeped me out.

3- That a talented actress like Maggie Gyllenhaal had to slum it in a very underwritten and basically unessential role. That sounds familiar.

4- The whole Aaron Eckhart becoming Harvey Two Face would have been better in the next installment. It felt forced and stupid.

5- Gary Oldman who play baddies better than most was the most sympathetic character in the film.

Oh, and did I say too long!