August 5, 2008

Joan Allen - What Were You Thinking?

I couldn't believe my eyes when last week at the X-Files (don't see it, it's so bad and homophobic) I saw the preview for Death Race a very violent looking prison drag racing movie. The reason why my eyes were popping out of my head was that Joan Allen (who won my devotion years ago when I saw her on Broadway in a Wendy Wasserstein play) plays the prison warden who makes inmates drive cars in a "death race" which is broadcast around the world on some type of pay per view channel. (Forgive me for not understanding WTF was going on in the preview since there were very few words used.) She is eeevil. The movie looks so bad and unbelievably violent.

I hope they paid her a lot of cash for this because it makes me so sad that an actress of her caliber who was robbed of an Oscar nomination three years ago for The Upside of Anger (if you haven't seen it rent it), is stuck making these crappy boy centric films to pay the rent because there are no good roles for women.

Will someone please write this woman a part and not another crappy part like she had in Bonneville. I am beyond disgusted.