July 30, 2008

Hollywood Feminist of the Day: Mia Farrow

Should have done this a long time ago.

For standing up and speaking out about the genocide in Darfur. She's just been in Burma and Thailand with the Nobel Women's Initiative (a group of female Nobel peace laureates- bet that's a cool group.) Here's their platform:

The Nobel Women’s Initiative seeks:

  • To spotlight the massive violations of women and women’s rights – which are nothing less than human rights – that occur daily and not only have an impact on women individually but also on their families, their communities, and often the entire fabric of a society;
  • To spotlight the struggle for human rights which when recognized and accepted also reinforce efforts to bring about participatory governance in Burma and the Sudan (indeed throughout the world); and
  • To call upon citizens around the world to take individual and collective action to build sustainable peace as well as to insist that the international community implement existing commitments for peace, justice and equality in Burma and Sudan;
We have come to the area of the Thai/Burma border and will continue on to South Sudan and Darfuri refugee camps in Chad,
  • To build alliances with women and women’s organizations there by:
  • Listening to their unique stories, perspectives and experiences;
  • Learning from their work to build sustainable peace in their communities how they see the role of women in actively negotiating peace agreements in their countries and in rebuilding their communities and societies when the conflicts have ended;
  • Conveying their messages to other women’s organizations where we live and work and through our collective networks as well as to the media and to governments at national, regional and international levels; and by
  • Highlighting China’s influential role in these crises
Learn more: Mia Farrow's site and blog
Nobel Women's Initiative
Mia Farrow Pressure China on Burma Rights (AP via SF Chronicle)