July 7, 2008

Hollywood Feminist of the Day: Charlize Theron

Charlize co-stars in the mega hit Hancock and she said a bunch of interesting things in recent interviews.

On women in film: 'People just aren't willing to see conflict, or ugliness or the more flawed side of life through a female character's eyes. I mean, can you imagine a woman playing Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver? When Robert De Niro does it, it's fine, [but] people are very uncomfortable about seeing that through a woman's eyes. We aren't allowed complexity.' (The Guardian)
On gay marriage: Everyone should have equal rights, especially when it comes to love. But it broke my heart that my friends couldn't do it. I have two girlfriends who are getting married today: I always felt like I wish I could give them my right to marry. And today they get to have that." (The Age)
'I like the way I look. I celebrate that. I don't make excuses for it' (The Guardian)
Standing tall (The Age)