July 10, 2008

Differences of Opinion

I always find it interesting to note that differences between male and female writers about issues. Movies are no different. We all remember Manohla Dargis' piece that started off our summer of anger at the status of women in films and here are the titles of two different pieces that I read this week. The first is from the women at Dolly Mix a British feminist pop culture site and the second is from male film writers at the Boston Globe.

"Where are the lead women in the summer movie line-up?" and "A surprisingly strong summer for women"

Here's what the guys at the Globe think:

Every year around this time we hear the complaints: There aren't enough good parts for women, actresses are relegated to decorative supporting roles, the movies have become a man's world. We beg to differ, at least for the moment.
Here's what Dolly Mix had to say:
Did you want to see a movie with a female lead this summer? Well, too bad. I was looking at my movie listings trying to find something to see last night and I was struck by the lack of female leads in the summer blockbusters. Struck, but not surprised.
Granted, the Globe guys are looking beyond the big box office movies. But come on, maybe men really are from Mars and women from Venus.

It just cracks me up.
Where are the lead women in the summer movie line-up? (Dolly Mix)
A surprisingly strong summer for women (Boston Globe)