June 6, 2008

Women at the Box Office This Weekend

All the hoopla surrounding Sex and the City has finally helped make some people (mostly the ones in Hollywood with blinders on their eyes) aware that there are others besides teenage boys interested in seeing movies. Now, we just need to see more of those movies in theatres around the country. As I know from the people who contact me, there is no shortage of smart, funny, touching, political and interesting films by and about women -- they just don't seem to get into theatres, and if they do it is mostly in small, limited releases.

As I've said before, what SATC has done more than anything is change the conversation about the potential of the women's market and that is something we all need to figure out how to build on. We are working on coming up with some ideas here at Women & Hollywood and would welcome any thoughts you have.

BTW - Sex and the City had a great week for a total over $77 million in seven days in the US and another 50 million abroad. That's almost $130 million!

The bad news is that there are few new women's films coming up in the next few weeks. While that might help Sex and the City, since it will be the only female-centric option, it sure won't help build any momentum or as we have been calling it at Women & Hollywood - womentum.

Films remaining in theatre:
Sex and the City (has added 40 screens)
Under the Same Moon
Baby Mama
My Blueberry Nights
How the Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer
Then She Found Me

Heather Graham seems to be opening in a comedy??? about a woman trying to have a baby and finding out she has one egg left. I don't know anything about this film (and since I spend a lot of time thinking about women centric films you know that's not a good thing.)