June 1, 2008

Sexist Blog Comment of the Day

Jeff Wells from Hollywood Elsewhere who earlier called Sex and the City a "Taliban Recruitment film" has bested himself by publishing the most misogynistic column in response to Sex and the City's box office success.

It's also, arguably, an indication that a certain portion of middle-class American females -- pre-teens, teens, 20- and 30-somethings, middle-agers -- are, no offense, social dimwits and aesthetically clueless saps with the collective depth of three or four quarters laid on top of each other.

The single biggest negative for the image of African Americans over the last 15 years was their widely reported elation when O.J. Simpson was found not guilty. People read those stories and saw the video clips and said to themselves, "What...?" The SATC phenomenon, I submit, is on a par with this -- a cultural snapshot showing everyone in the world how utterly shallow and culturally nowhere mainstream American women have become, for the most part. If, that is, they continue to embrace this film over the next few weeks. One weekend's worth of enthusiasm doesn't make it a bona fide hit.

I'm obviously not speaking of women who are educated X-factor urbans, academics, journalists, hipsters, poets, creatives, etc. I mean the average American suburban woman with her fucking credit cards who sees herself as being "in the game" regardless of her age.
In one fell swoop he manages to offend every woman in America and compare women's interest in seeing a film to a murder trial where one of the victims was the accuser's wife who he had beaten before.

Jeff, you are officially an asshole.