June 12, 2008

A Show I Really Would Love to Have Seen Aired

When I saw this article about a show called The Tower I got so excited my heart started palpitating -- Marcia Gay Harden playing a news mogul in a drama from Meredith Stiehm (the creator of Cold case). Could this be true? Was it coming to CBS?

Alas, the show didn't make the fall schedule but the question is why did the story run on CBS' Show buzz site? Maybe its not dead? Are they trying to get another network to pick it up? Please someone pick this up. Sounds sooo good.

Here's the description of the show: "The show follows a group of reporters as they investigate stories and solve mysteries against the backdrop of the struggle between journalistic ideals and the pursuit of profit."

Marcia Gay Harden Building "The Tower"
(photo: CBS)