June 12, 2008

My Boys Second Season Premieres Tonight on TBS

Last summer I happened upon a new TBS series about a female sportswriter and her posse of guy friends. There are no other shows that have a female sportswriter as the focus and while it doesn't really deal much with her work issues, there were a couple of episodes that had her deal with being one of the only women in the locker room.

Of course it helps that PJ played by Jordana Spiro is cute and blonde and non threatening and very straight. But it's beyond cool that she really, really loves sports, can keep up with all the guys on everything, and that they don't talk down to her in any way. She's just a woman who loves sports and probably because she liked sports most of her friends turned out to be guys.

The second season kicks off with PJ and a mystery man going to Italy (I'm not going to reveal who it is, but I felt it was kind of anti-climactic) along with her best friend Stephanie who has been her guiding female force since grad school.

I like this show cause it's light and all the guys surrounding PJ are great, especially comedian Jim Gaffigan who plays her brother Andy, a guy who after many years of floundering sells out and goes to work for a big law firm.

The second episode focuses on Andy's beautiful Scandinavian nanny and I thought it was a bit pathetic.

The show was created by Betsy Thomas and Jamie Tarses (remember her from when she was the first woman to run a network?) is one of the executive producers.

Check it out tonight at 9:30pm on TBS.
(photo: Patrick Ecclesine/TBS)