March 20, 2008

Virginia Madsen- Hollywood Feminist

Who would have thunk? Virginia Madsen best known for her Oscar nominated role in Sideways has started her own production company - Title IX Prods with Kelly Meola. Anyone who names their film company after Title IX has got have some serious feminist chops.

The company's name, Title IX, comes from the 1972 U.S. law forbidding discrimination in schools and universities based on gender, but Madsen and Meola said that doesn't mean they will only produce female-driven films.
"We kind of saw it as we want to be able to play on equal ground," Meola said. "Of course, we want to talk about female issues but not just tell stories about women."

Added Madsen, "I like the idea we're leveling the playing field."
First film is I Know a Woman Like That, a documentary directed by Elaine Madsen (Virginia's mother) about women 64-94.

Madsen, Meola Form Title IX Prods (Hollywood Reporter)