March 21, 2008

News Briefs

  • Geena Davis is coming back to TV. She will star in Exit 19 a new drama on CBS. Davis will portray a homicide detective in Manhattan while juggling two kids as a single mom in the suburbs of Long Island. Awesome. (Cynopsis)
  • Kimberley Peirce opens her second film Stop-Loss next week, 10 years after the groundbreaking Boys Don't Cry. The movies is very interesting and well done. What's even more interesting is that she is the first woman to make a fiction film about the Iraq War. Women have been making great docs, but she is breaking new ground here.
Peirce on women directors: "I think women are probably not as driven to just turn out the numbers," Peirce said, when asked why she hasn't made more films. "It's a weird thing. Look, I want to make a lot, but I want to love them, because they're a part of me, you know?" Kimberley Peirce (LA Times)