November 16, 2007

November 16, 2007

Review- Margot at the Wedding
Noah Baumbach is not afraid to write unlikable characters. I admire that. I liked The Squid and the Whale, his semi-autobiographical look at the demise of his parents marriage. His new movie, Margot at the Wedding, is at its core the story between two estranged sisters both on the brink of big life changes. The sisters are played by Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Jason Leigh (Baumbach's wife) who admirable take on Baumbach's complex script.

Neither one of them gives a false note, and it is important to note especially on Kidman's part, her continual risk taking movie choices. Looking at her roles you can see that this is a woman interested in growing as an actress, rather than being focused on box office. It turns out that some of the roles she played were in successful movies that made money, and then she was pigeon holed on the box office take for the rest of her films. It's the studios fault that they offered her millions of dollars for films they knew stunk and then blamed it on her for not being able to "open a movie." From my assessment of her career, I don't think she cares about being able to open a movie.

The sisters come together to celebrate Pauline's (Leigh) wedding to Malcolm (Jack Black) an unemployed musician/artist. The fireworks start immediately when Margot (Kidman) questions and judges Pauline's decision. They go at it and even they they say they are each others best friend, you know that they aren't, and that quite possibly they don't really like each other. Family is tough stuff and Baumbach is not shy. Margot, in judging Pauline, is deflecting her own downward spiral seen through self-medicating and told through rude comments.

Movie opens on two screens and will hopefully go wider soon.


I am very angry at the folks at Criminal Minds right now. Here's why. I am a big fan of procedurals and have really enjoyed Minds especially when Mandy Patankin was on it, but I am getting tired of this whole mutilating and killing women theme which this show seems to relish. Then, on this last episode (which did great in the ratings) the one female character who actually has character, who is not stick thin, and plays the techie, got shot by a guy after their dinner date. The show totally played into the stereotype of if it seems too good it probably is, and perpetuates the bullshit that only skinny hot girls get the cute boys. They better resolve it well next week or else they will incure my wrath.

Jodie Foster will receive the Sherry Lansing Leadership award at the 16th annual Hollywood Reporter Women in Entertainment Power 100 Breakfast to be held in Hollywood on December 4th.

The movie 9 to 5 is now a stage play. It will be performed in LA and will star Allison Janney (CJ from the West Wing) in the Tomlin role.
9to 5 Set its World Stage Premiere (AP via Miami Herald)

Kristen Stewart will star in Catherine Hardwicke's Twilight (Variety)

Grey's Anatomy's Katherine Heigl is taking advantage of her star status by signing to star in Columbia's romantic comedy The Ugly Truth from the writers and director of Legally Blonde.
Katherine Heigl Set for Truth (Variety)

A Stuntwoman in Hollywood
Stuntwoman still Loves Her Occupation (Christian Science Monitor)

Rosie O'Donnell Returns to Nip/Tuck (Seattle Post Intelligencer)

I love America Ferrara from Ugly Betty. She is a breath of fresh air in a world of young women gone wild in Hollywood.
American Ferrara Relates to Her Ugly Betty Role

The fantastic Imelda Staunton talks about the roles for older women, and society's ridiculous obsession with youth.
Imelda Staunton on Her New BBC Drama

Tube to Watch

Sunset Boulevard - 8am, HBOS
Bull Durham - 8pm, AMC

Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle- 3pm, IFC
Born Yesterday (the version with Judy Holliday)- 10pm, TCM

Molly Shannon stars in the Lifetime movie More of Me where the busy mom divides into four separate women to deal with her busy life. Rent Year of the Dog instead. Shannon is much more interesting in that.

The final chapter of The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard - 9pm, PBS
The Philadelphia Story- 10pm, TCM