November 15, 2007

November 15, 2007

Slooow News Day

Ellen Degeneres is in a really hot spot. She was planning on coming to NY to tape her show, but the Writer's Guild threatened to picket since she has basically been back at work since the writers struck. She stayed out the first day and twice didn't do a monologue, but she's at work. Her problem is that she is a syndicated show with WGA writers on the staff. Ellen is also a member of the guild. Most syndicated shows don't employ guild members. I don't envy her. Screwed if she does work, and screwed if she doesn't.
Ellen Under Fire

Renee Zellweger talks to Bazaar Magazine about remaining sane in Hollywood. It's sad when being able to be sane is not the norm.
Zellweger Says She's Proud of Her Sanity (USA Today)

Women's Murder Club- On the set, there's a lot of murder, but not any girl fighting
For Cast and Crew it Isn't a Club So Much as a Clan (USA Today)

Abbie Cornish soon to be big star on her role in Elizabeth
Abbie Cornish Found a Character in Her Corset (Sydney Morning Herald)

Tube Tonight
Cybill Shepherd is TCM's guest programmer with Ninotchka, Notorious and His Girl Friday. TCM, 8pm
30 Rock- Edie Falco guest stars as a democratic political operative who falls for Alec Baldwin's Jack.