September 19, 2007

News of the Day- September 19

From Black PR Wire: Female Directors Struggle in a “Man’s World”
"Out of the 13,400 members of the Directors Guild of America (DGA) only 7% are female directors and less than 1% of directing jobs go to African-American women." Pathetic.

Whoopi Goldberg has to sign a profanity clause in all her contracts even though she has never sworn on broadcast TV. "Goldberg says people must think she's "on the precipice" of saying bad words at all times." (AP)

Elle Magazine is taking over the annual Women in Hollywood Tribute from the now defunct Premiere Magazine. Event takes place October 15. Amy Adams who stars in the upcoming Enchanted will get the Spotlight award.

Tonight is the premiere of the new show on the CW Gossip Girl based on the tween novels. Have seen the premiere episode and if you are over 15 the show is not for you. The girls are horrible to each other, catty, petty and down right mean. It shows the world of the very rich on the Upper East Side of Manhattan where fashion rules and mothers tell their daughters "you will never be as beautiful or thin or happy as you are now," and "put some more product in your hair, the ends are dry." Gee thank mom. And the first episode contains underage drinking, drug use and an attempted rape. This is supposed to be a great show for kids?

Jennifer Garner to play opposite Matthew McConaughey in Ghosts of Girlfriend Past. He plays his typical role of an idiot womanizer who gets visited by old girlfriends only to realize he is in love with his childhood sweetheart. Wonder how much money he's making for this?

Tatum O'Neal (how funny is she on Rescue Me?) will play the title tole in a Saving Grace (no relationship to the TV show starring Holly Hunter) which will be the directing debut of Connie Stevens. "O'Neal plays a woman who is released from an asylum after 15 years and move in with her sister (Penelope Ann Miller) and brother-in-law (Michael Biehn) in a 1950s-era Missouri town. Her arrival throws the couple's life into chaos." (Reuters)

"Delta Burke and Andrea Roth are starring in Bridal Fever, a Hallmark Channel original movie set to air next year." Hollywood Reporter via Reuters Bridal Fever