September 19, 2007

The Emmys and Women

Where are the women?

(written by Mercedes)
"I know it's boring to gripe and moan about hard it is for women artists, but reading the nominees for the Emmys this morning in the New York Times I was so struck by the glaring gender inequality it made me wonder if we were truly living in the 21st Century. No one disputes that there are women actor categories, and I didn't look intently at the producers. I paid particular attention to the Director and Writer
categories, as they are in my mind particularly powerful and creative areas in which women are conspicuously absent. I know a plethora of talented women writers and directors, why aren't they in higher positions of power??????"

The Stats
Directing in a Comedy Series: O out of 6 were women
Directing in a Drama: 0 out of 7
Directing in a Variety, Music, or Comedy:O out of 5
Directing in a Mini Series: 1 out of 5 (Susanna White for Jane Eyre for Masterpiece Theatre)

That's a grand total of 1 out of 23 or .04%

Writing in a Comedy Series

1 out of 4. Thank God for Tina Fey
Writing in a Drama: 0 out of 7
Writing in a V,M,C
Colbert-- 2 out of 10
Stewart-1 out of 15
Conan- 0 out of 16
Letterman- 1 out of 15
Bill Maher- 0 out of 10

Writing in a Mini-Series or Drama Special
2 out of six (one is the Jane Eyre writer)

Grand Total: 6 out of 56 or 11%

Conclusion: Very Sad Indeed.

Thanks Mercedes