October 8, 2008

Hollywood Feminist of the Day: Lynn Sherr

Lynn Sherr just retired from ABC after 33 years and in her departure she leaves us with some thoughts on Sarah Palin in an interview with Gail Shister at TV Newser:

"As someone who spent years breaking down doors for women, I think a piece of feminism has to do with looking out for other women," says Sherr, 66. "What, exactly, has she done legislatively for other women? What paths has she forged?

"She's the person for whom all this was done; the beneficiary of all the good works of the women's movement. Yet she seems to have turned it on its head. She doesn't seem to care about bringing along other women with her."

Lynn Sherr on Leaving ABC: "It's a Very Different Audience, with Very Different Demands" (TV Newser)