October 28, 2008

What Do You Think About TV This Season?

Big disappointment to me. Haven't committed to many new shows. I watched one episode of the Ex-List -- which has just been canceled by CBS-- (now I can clear the other episodes out of my DVR without guilt) and I thought it sucked. Poor Elizabeth Reaser. Could they have made her wear any skimpier clothing and act more like an idiot. The woman is talented but needs a good vehicle.

Best show of the year: FRINGE- hands down. Love this show. Watch it every week right away (which I hardly do at all) Anna Torv is awesome and I love all the mysteries and am intrigued by the "pattern."

Happy surprise: Rita Rocks- I thought Lifetime was crazy to air five shows last week while rolling out the show but I have to say that I really enjoyed the show. I watched all the episodes this weekend and love the cast chemistry especially the chemistry between star Nicole Sullivan and her husband played by Richard Ruccolo.

Shows losing their luster for me include: Lipstick Jungle, House (I am so tired of his obnoxiousness); Entourage

Shows I still looove: Cold Case, Law & Order SVU; Bones; Grey's Anatomy

Don't forget: Season Premiere of 30 Rock this Thursday night.

photo credit Nicole Sullivan: Glenn Harris/Photorazzi