October 14, 2008

Report from Amazing Women in Film Panel at Woodstock Film Festival

Thelma Adams moderated a panel "Amazing Women in Film" at the recent Woodstock Film Festival. Panelists included: Maggie Renzi, Rita Taggart and Barbara Kopple. Here's some highlights from Sarah Coleman's post

All panelists were emphatic that sexism is still rife in the industry.

Renzi said it irked her when her peers say they don’t want to talk about sexism. “Where would Spike Lee be if he didn’t use the word racism or get angry?” she asked.

The panel was strong on female solidarity, with Adams saying she tries to champion films by and about interesting women, and Taggart urging women in the audience to use their purchasing power to press for more female-friendly movies.
I also don;t understand why we don't talk more about the sexism in the industry. We really need to start having more of these conversations in a constructive way. To support women's films, don't forget we're all going to see The Secret Life of Bees this weekend in NYC (Sunday, late afternoon, TBD later today)