September 25, 2008

What Happened to Diane Keaton?

Somebody please tell me WTF happened to Diane Keaton? She is one of the leading older working actresses. She was awesome in her oscar nominated performance in Something's Gotta Give. (always watchable film even on basic cable with commercials) which was supposed to revitalize her career? I did like her a couple of years ago as the mom in The Family Stone, but lately she has been playing crazy, overbearing, stalker moms, which I find so sad.

Her first stalker mom was in the much maligned Because I Said So, and Mama's Boy (which co-starred Jon Heder as her slacker son who likes living with mom) didn't even make it to the theatres here in the US. Now this week comes Smother (which did not screen widely -- never a good sign) where she plays a mother who moves in with her son and pressures him to have a baby. The title just makes me want to run for the hills.

Can someone please give this woman a good script? Meryl Streep can't do them all, and if she can we are in a more sorry state than I ever could have imagined.

photo credit: David Grabber/PR photos