August 20, 2008

Hollywood Feminist of the Day: Christina Applegate

I know that breast cancer is all the rage, but for all the talk and races and charities it is still rare for people -- especially those in Hollywood -- to talk about the disease and how it effects them personally. It's even rarer to see a young woman's face on this disease.

Christina Applegate has put a face to this disease in a very powerful way. She has been so brave in talking about her double mastectomy (at 36) and her positive test for the breast cancer gene and her family's struggle with this disease since her mother's diagnosis.

While many women get fake boobs in Hollywood this is one woman who got fake boobs to save her life instead of trying to get a job. She's impressed me.

Christina Applegate cancer free after double mastectomy (Reuters)
photo: Chris Hatcher/ PR Photos