July 3, 2008

Another Perspective on Wall-E

This take on Wall-E comes from the awesome Kathy Najimy (who just happens to be a fan of Women & Hollywood.)

I have a small part in Pixar's Wall-E. I found it to be a great film for girls. It is one of very few animated hits (Number 1 opening weekend) ) that stars a female Heroine. Eve is a robot who comes to earth, after the planet is overrun by trash and no human life is left, seeking life forms. She finds one and above all else (weather, love, etc.) is dedicated to her job of returning it to space. She is strong, purposed, fierce, powerful and dedicated. In essence she kicks ass.

Eve is a fantastic example of a strong non-compromising, female character for girls. (One of the best I have ever seen and as the mother of an 11 year old girl-- I have seen them all and am frequently disappointed-- I LOVED EVE!) The thing that impressed and delighted me the most is that Eve is one of very few female animated characters that isn't female identified by red lipsticked lips or a big pink bow in her hair or long false eyelashes or high heels to indicate she is female. She is, instead, a sleek white round ipod looking character that could be any gender. I applaud Pixar for not drawing or writing her in the usual gross, stereotypical manner. She is strong and in charge and saves the day.
Wall- E is a trash compactor left to clean thing up on Earth. He falls for Eve (sans eyelashes) for who she is-- -- and she is who she is with no apologies. Flawed, powerful, dedicated to her purpose and well...the hero. Wall-E is a great film that speaks courageously to the environment, the future of our planet, as well as depicting its lead male character as warm, funny, caring and sensitive (and into musicals)! And its lead female character as the confident, fantastically fierce woman in charge. That they find love together with neither "acting their gender" is a glorious relief and something I have never seen in a film before.
Thanks Kathy
photos: Walt Disney Pictures