May 5, 2008

Flying- Confessions of a Free Woman

Jennifer Fox is a brave woman. She turns her camera on her life and her friends and family's lives and asks a question so many of us have asked (although probably not out loud) - what does it really mean to be a free woman today?

This six part documentary premieres tonight on Sundance at 9pm (two hours air over the next three weeks). I've only seen the beginning but I am hooked and can't wait to watch the rest. It starts off like this: "I never wanted to be a girl in the way a girl was supposed to be. I wanted to be a boy because they could do anything they wanted to."


Here is a woman taking on all the challenges of having grown up with the benefits of feminism (keep in mind she is a privileged, white American woman). She's 42 years old in the film, her best friend gets sick, and after many years of ambivalence about motherhood (because she was desperate not to become her mother) she finds herself pregnant.

This is a must see!

More info: Flying