May 13, 2008

Fall TV Preview- Women's Shows Axed

Because of the prolonged writer's strike this TV season was totally messed up. Some shows have ended, some shows never came back and some shows just got screwed by the scheduling.

The TV powers said that things are going to be different post-strike and have announced their fall lineups, and one thing that looks really different to me is how many women's shows are not making it back next season.

ABC which boasts the best women's shows has just lost its mind by axing the wonderful Men in Trees, and Women's Murder Club. They also axed Cashmere Mafia but that show was so terrible that I can't cry and boo boo tears for that one. But I am pissed about the other two.

I have to say that ABC totally screwed Men in Trees over and over again. It seems that they wanted that show to fail. I think they changed its time slot six times and twice it disappeared for months. They were so stupid not to keep it on after Grey's Anatomy and embrace the night as a night for great women's TV.

Regarding Women's Murder Club, ABC declared it dead when they fired the creators Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain during the writer's strike. When the show came back post strike they really toned down the Angie Harmon character and made her giggle around a potential guy she liked. This woman was a sergeant in the SFPD and they reduced her to giggling. Putzes! I just don't get it. ABC renews the unwatchable Eli Stone but ditched Men in Trees and Women's Murder Club. Come on!

I also thought the the Judy Greer show Miss/Guided had a chance to come back on ABC but it doesn't seem to be on the schedule. CBS was also on the verge of dumping the great The New Adventures of Old Christine starring Julia Louis-Dreyfuss but as of this morning it looks like its been renewed but without a time slot or airdate.

Looking at the new shows coming next fall here are some that look halfway decent:

Kath and Kim- based on the Aussie comedy of the same name starring Molly Shannon and Selma Blair

The Ex List- based on an Israeli series about a woman who is warned by a tarot card reader that she needs to get married soon to a man who she's already known in her life. Written by Diane Ruggiero and starring Elizabeth Reaser (who I guess will have been finished with Alex on Grey's Anatomy since she now has her own series. I'm happy for her since she is a great actress.)

Surviving the Filthy Rich - a Yale-educated woman serves as the live-in tutor to two wealthy heiresses. Written by Rina Mimoun.

Fringe- follows the exploits of a young female FBI agent who tackles unexplained medical and scientific phenomena.

Doesn't it seem that this fall seems kind of lackluster for women on TV?