May 30, 2008

Another Female Law Enforcement Agent Joins the TV Ranks

Now that the season finale of Lost is over and our shortened TV season is just a memory, it's time to start thinking about the shows coming up this summer. Now we all remember that TV used to suck in the summer, but cable has been smart and realized that people still want to see new shows all year round, so we have some great summer shows.

Women, especially women in law enforcement, highlight the lineup on TNT which will be back in the coming weeks, and over on Lifetime Army Wives will start its second season on June 8.

This week is the premiere of In Plain Sight on USA starring Mary McCormack (remember her from the last couple of seasons on The West Wing, she's also starring on Broadway and was nominated for a Tony for her role in Boeing Boeing) as a marshal protecting a variety of people in the Witness Protection program. Her character follows in the footsteps of the quirky Kyra Sedgwick from The Closer and the wild and intense Holly Hunter from Saving Grace. She is tough, caring, smart, witty, carries a gun and doesn't hesitate to whip a bar of soap at a naked guy who she is questioning in a bathroom. Rounding out the cast are Frederick Weller as her partner, Cristián de la Fuente (recently from Dancing with the Stars) as her on-again off-again boyfriend, and the hysterical Lesley Ann Warren as her live-in slacker mom with a great sex life.

I love the fact that cable gives us these wonderfully rich female characters. I've added In Plain Sight to my Tivo list for the summer.

USA's Senior Vice President, Original Scripted Series Programming Jackie de Crinis helped develop the show and answered some questions from Women & Hollywood about the show.

Women & Hollywood: How did the concept for In Plain Sight come about?

Jackie de Crinis: The script actually came to us in turnaround from another network/studio. We liked the idea of a tough female lead character with a weak spot (i.e., her family and personal life).
W&H: What makes this show different from other shows?
JDC: There isn't another tough female lead/action show currently on the air right now. Also, there isn't a series that shares the premise of the Witness Protection Program (WITSEC) and all of it's complexities.
W&H: Why is cable such a welcoming place for strong female lead characters (over 40) especially in the law enforcement area?
JDC: Maybe because 40 is the new 30. Women are just starting to come into their own when they hit 40. It's the age of empowerment. Many women at 40 are just starting to hit their career strides and often managing families as well. Cable was the first to embrace and celebrate that.
W&H: I'm a big fan of Mary McCormack and excited that she is the lead of a series. What does Mary bring to this part that makes her unique?
JDC: Mary is adeptly delivers the dramatic tension with a sense of humor. She embodies a sexy- intelligent-take- no-prisoners kind of attitude that makes for great TV viewing.
W&H: As a senior level woman working in the TV business what advice would you give a young woman who wants to be in your business?
JDC: Read everything. Know what you like. Be fearless. Be thoughtful.
In Plain Sight premieres Sunday, June 1 at 10pm on USA