March 27, 2008

Who Are the Women Comedy Directors Influenced by John Hughes?

Two days ago I posted some comments about an LA Times piece that talked about the influence that John Hughes has had on today's comedies. Check out the original piece here for a recap: The Difference Between John Hughes and Judd Apatow

I emailed the writer, Patrick Goldstein with this response: Just wanted to comment on your John Hughes piece this morning. I think you missed the boat a bit by not talking about the influence that Hughes has on young female characters.

Surprisingly, Goldstein responded with this:

I think you make a good point. I actually quoted Stacey Sher, who produced Reality Bites, talking about Hughes' influence, but we had space issues at the last minute and the copydesk had to take her out of the story. But I confess that everyone I asked who came up with a list of filmmakers who were influenced by Hughes ended up giving me an all male list. Who would you cite among female filmmakers that you think was influenced by him in a big way?
So I put the question to you: Who are the female filmmakers who were influenced by John Hughes? Please don't say Amy Heckerling. She made Fast Times at Ridgemont High before Hughes made Sixteen Candles. They are contemporaries. The fact that everyone has cited Heckerling to me just goes to show that we need more women directors period.

Send me your thoughts.